Bonus Points and Other Benefits

Bonus Points - a loyalty system that allows registered users to accumulate BONUS POINTS every time they make a purchase of 50.00 euros or more - you accumulate bonus points. Each accumulated point in your account will be active for 12 months (365 days).

Use Your Points

To use your accumulated points, simply click "Use Now" in your shopping cart, and the points will be redeemed.

How Many BONUS Points Do I Get?

BONUS points are earned if the order amount is equal to or greater than 50.00 euros, excluding the delivery fee.

For example:

If the order amount is 50.00 €, you will receive 1 BONUS point.

If the order amount is 100.00 €, you will receive 2 BONUS points, and so on.

What Are My BONUS Points Worth?

You can use accumulated points to pay for goods. 1 BONUS point is equivalent to 2.50 €.

For example:

You have accumulated 1 BONUS point = You will receive 2.50 €.

You have accumulated 2 BONUS points = You will receive 5.00 €.


You can use up to 5 BONUS points at a time when placing an order."